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best new label, breakspoll 2011
Yes, we did it! Scarcity won the Best New Label award at Breakspoll 2011 held at Club Cable in London, UK. It is indeed a great honor for us and this only motivates us to push things forward into finding fresh, good, new talent in electronic music. So, basically, there must be something we have done right! It definitely means we are on the right track. And if you stick with us, then so are you :)
Anyway, to thank everyone that supported us, we are giving a tune away for FREE! Click below for more on this.
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28 Apr, 2011

New talent: Artem Zlobin

Hailing from the town of Yekaterinburg in Russia, Artem Zlobin is a relatively new name to the scene but his tracks abound of mysterious melodies and wonderful ideas combined with really tight beats and growling basslines brilliantly put into practice with an accuracy of a german tank engineer.
14 Jan, 2011

ROS - Snowfall

Big tune from ROS again! Original is uplifting big room progressive breaks with nice squelchy melodies and massive pads. Top work indeed! And a proper deep wobbly breakstep remix that's got Mesmer written all over it, which is never a bad thing.
15 Nov, 2010

Kovacs - Nanobots

Kovacs making breaks with big bass and usually an acid line or two. Add some influences from jungle, funk, hip hop and house and you get the Kovacs sound, big warm bass, laid back ambient twists and stripped down drums.
27 Sept, 2010

Mesmer - Stereo Rainbow

Mesmer turns in a deceptively subtle, deep yet rolling piece of a breakbeat tune. Legendary remixes from the likes of EK, Aeron Aether and Vibromaster plus a BONUS re-rub of the original by Mesmer himself!
27 Aug, 2010


Starpunk is an Electro Breaks duo from Georgia. Their debut single called "Freedom" is a nice electro beats driven affair with a tasty LFO synth sounding anthem and georgian public speech vocal samples at times.
18 Aug, 2010

ROS - Ear Rings

ROS (Rings Of Saturn) lands at Scarcity Records providing some lush summer vibes for both the breaks and the drum & bass crowds partying out there on the beach! Checky check!
30 Jul, 2010

Rogue & Jah

Dawbs joins Mesmer and together they rock the hot sand on the island beach with a nice and groovy Dub influenced Breaks tune with a strong live feel. Felix Stone spreads good vibes allover with his chilled breakstep number while BreakZhead provides a real tearout-ish bass heavy monster!
21 Jun, 2010

KillReall - Take Me Under

Well, this is definitely not your usual night at the theater, this one is for those of you who like it hard! KillReall delivers a storming dance floor rocker! Remixes from Ways & Means and Romanian DnB new talent Dudawles. Checky check!
22 Mar, 2010

Whenever You Want Me

The next installment in the Scarcity catalog is a rolling, uplifting and very energetic breaks tune from Mesmer. Click here for proper peak time monster that has it all: growling bassline, lush vocals bits with powerful synth chords and chunky beats!
20 Feb, 2010

Breakspoll Best New Label!

We are extremely proud to announce that we have been nominated for Best New Label category at this year's Breakspoll awards which will be held at Fabric Club in London on the 25th of February. In celebration of such huge event, we are giving a tune away! Click bellow for more!
04 Feb, 2010

Parallax Breakz - Valour

Parallax Breakz, Ukraine's finest in breakbeat, has had at least one track on every gig Mesmer had for the last couple of years, so his arrival at Scarcity is no surprise for us. With an original as lush, bass driving and beats rolling as “Valour”, we just could not resist!
09 Jan, 2010

Tetris - Single of the Week!

Back in the day, it was Brits such as PMT and Hybrid who ruled the roost when it came to progressive breaks. These days it's the eastern Europeans who are at the forefront, with Romania's Mesmer one of the leading lights of the scene.
24 Dec, 2009

Beta vs Mesmer - Tetris

Beta and Mesmer turn in a mind blowing, dancefloor rocker that surely wont dissappoint these guys' fans. A tasty Christmas treat, that couldn't fit better on any label other than Scarcity, with remixes by Retroid, Jariten and Quentin.
28 Nov, 2009

Scarcity Bass Party

Setup Venue, Timisoara, Romania is the host of the first in many Scarcity parties. The following Scarcity artists will be performing: Line of Sight (Bulgaria), Mesmer, Phoneme. Guest DJ: DLaid (Atomfast). Entrance: 10RON.
13 Nov, 2009

Great Scott - Safehouse

Great Scott is constantly attempting to fuse the sounds of the old with that of the new. Safehouse is nothing but funky uptempo breaks that will thrash many a dancefloor with its tight beats and rocking leads.
22 Oct, 2009

Mesmer - Fine Wide Spread

Fine Wide Spread is a four absolutely class tracks release of Scarcity style goodness. Progressive , bassline heavy, clean cut breakbeat style - Unique! Remixes from 601, Youthful Implants and Romanian dubstep master Pake!
Tuesdays, 5 -7 PM GMT

Scarcity Bass Radio Show Hosted by Phoneme on BreaksFM

You can enjoy the fine deep rhythms of breaks with a bit of Scarcity flavour every Thursday between 5 to 7 PM GMT on Breaks FM. Brought to you by Romania`s finest - Dj Phoneme...
05 Oct, 2009

Mesmer and Dj Zinn - Thinking of You

Scarcity Records steps in with a brilliant debut release produced by Mesmer and Dj Zinn. An ever haunting vocal hook laced over deep and lush...
28 Sept, 2009

Scarcity website is launched!

Alright! Now its official, the new and imporved Scarcity website is up and running! We have loads of goodies for you!